It’s been a long time coming, and it was time for a business refresh and name change, something that reflects me and my business more! My new business name is “Just Paint It! by Dani” @justpaintitbydani.

Just Paint It! By Dani. Furniture & Home Space Painter

Painting has always been my jam and I’ve always had the courage and confidence to *Just Paint It!* Punchy, edgy, to the point – just paint it. Just go for it. Just do it ✅  I’m sure you know that slogan. ?  I wanted that same effect just with painting. In my world, paint makes everything better, and I hope to inspire you to do the same if you love it, too! I want you to have the courage to try and DIY with painting your own furniture via my online courses -> or if you’re not into DIY, purchase a painted piece from me.

I’ve had a rebirth in my style. I gravitate to ALL furniture, however I’m not really one to follow trends and I really had to start following my heart and playing fashion forward designer. Just Paint It! by Dani represents being up and coming in the trends while still being classic and trendy, someone who brings fresh and airy looks to the Saskatchewan prairies.I like to look forward and create things people don’t see much of around here, and bring that style here vs pulling designs of the past just because they sell well or are easily acceptable around the area. While not everyone may click or understand, and that’s okay, the ones who do, will feel like it’s made just for them! There’s nothing better than that.

Ever since visiting California in 2011 with my little sister, I’ve fallen in love with it. After vising again in 2019 with my husband, I had a rebirth in my vision and design style.

If you know me well, it remains my #1 goal to live there someday. I hope that day will be soon, but until then, I create pieces, decor, and design/paint my home in a California beach house scheme because I just really freaking love those vibes and that look! My new mantra to myself in this business is: “if it wouldn’t fit in your newly designed, airy beachy home, OR a California beach house, you’re not doing it.” Here are some photos of our updated “California beach house” in the prairies:


Now that I have a new business name, this means I’ll no longer be operating under Dani’s Vintage Designs. I hope you’ll still recognize me and be able to find me easily, thanks for all of the support since 2015! ??  I hope you love all the bright airy goodness I’ve been throwing out to the world lately and there’s more of that to come! Nothing else is changing other than my business name and a more bright and airy outlook and my work/feed!

A huge shoutout to my friend @laurelbrownmedia for helping me through this tedious process and updating my website/new logo and thinking of all the things that needed to be done to rebrand in a California beachy vibes theme (I’m in the prairies still ?) to shine bright and reflect my vision! I highly recommend her and thanks for all the hard work she’s done on this website!