I don’t know who needs to hear this today. It’s probably not even you, the reader, because I’m sure you’re here because you already watch and see what I do on the regular and see the unglamorous sides of furniture refinishing/painting via my Instagram stories, etc! But every now and then, the question trickles in and I don’t blame the person who says it at all. But it also depends on the day and the way it’s said if I’m going to go into full Hulk beast mode, or look at the flip side and take it as a curiosity thing. Like “what makes this piece which is abnormally higher than what you can find at Walmart, so expensive?” I want to fill you in! I want this to be an informative blog post that’s educational for ALL makers, not even just for me.

My large painted items take TIME. When you see me working along in my stories of large items like these (today, I’m using my painted white credenza with pink circles and a metal base) from two months ago and then only being presented today, it’s because these statement pieces are a timely process.

They take VISION. I think people see the afters but don’t truly see how much work and forethought go into all of these babies that I put out to the world. First of all -> there is the Marketplace battle of even acquiring items like these which we will not even get into.

BRINGING IT HOME, bringing it out, bringing it back. BRING IT ON! Once purchased, there’s the pickups and arrangements of getting the item, bringing it home, thinking and planning of what this item will be, the disposing of the drawers to make shelving in the most thoughtful and green way.

OUTSOURCING…bringing back the item to my welder to get the base put on (but that base though – isn’t it amazing what she did?), my assistant smoothing, adding putty do damages, sanding the item for me which all add up in cost to pay out, not to mention the actual cost of the item to acquire + all of the materials to finish an item.


NOW IT’S MY TURN TO DO WHAT I DO BEST – priming, painting, painting the circles (that’s a new one for me, hehe), ducking my head inside a buffet for an afternoon and painting the interior, sealing it many times over for durability, effing up somewhere along the way because it happens every time (severity always depending), doing it again and fixing it up until it can have the Dani stamp of approval.

OUTSOURCING (again) THE HANDYMAN HUSBAND Then Steve comes in and does his handyman stuff of attaching the base, adding magnetic latches to once swinging doors, and making sure everything is structurally working well. And then it’s my turn again! Then there’s shuffling it along the staging wall setup which Steve built for me, staging it to the nines which took me 10 diff trips around the city to get different staging arrangements, knowing how to take photos, then taking the photos, editing the photos, uploading the photos, putting it up onto my website, writing a caption to give all the info, writing a post on social media to captivate YOU to see it and love it, hope that enough people “like it” so that it even gets seen, bring it to the storage locker safely so that it’s away from the chaos of the garage.

FINALLY, and then…onto the next item to do this all over with! It’s worth it. We love it so much we keep doing it!

There’s more to this business than meets the eye. It’s all the details that go into each item with so much love and passion, that I hope when you see the prices go up each year and I take on more challenging and large scale items like these, you see that I’m really valuing my time and expertise, so that I can keep loving what I do. I am not a price tag to be bartered with or a comparison to the flimsy furniture of a big store, I’m an artist. I flip quality pieces that have been here for half of – to a full century already. I’ve taken the time and made all of the mistakes, and still getting better at what I do, and bringing my expertise of painting to the table which has taken years and years to evolve. So many pieces worked on. So many pieces ruined.

Just Paint It! By Dani. Furniture & Home Space Painter

I believe that the people who take my items home want a little piece of me and respect all of our collective efforts – and they can’t wait to spruce up their homes with quality functional art, of course! My items end up being too expensive to some and I totally understand different budgets just can’t allow these beasts and I thank you for being a supporter no matter what, from near far or even just cheering me on. If I ever make this business appear that it’s easy, it’s only because I’m mentally strong and positive. I like to be bubbly and positive like I am in the world, yet tough as nails when it comes to flipping furniture because let’s face it – it’s the grunt work that makes these pieces PURDY! I haven’t even gotten a comment like this in a while, but when I do, and if you’re a maker, now you have a link to this blog post to send them to!

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading this. I hope this was very informative! And I hope you appreciate and respect makers’ prices, even if you think they should be a certain way. Each individual sets their own prices and guidelines based on their goals, home life, expertise, and factor in what the item is and how much value it will bring!