What is art heart? When googling it, I couldn’t find anything. It’s not defined by anything or anyone yet, so let’s make it up!

It’s that specific personality you have as a creator, or it can be items you fall in love with as a purchaser. It may not make sense where you can logically put an item or if it’ll be of functional use to you, but you NEED to have it and are drawn to it. It must be yours! There is no thinking with your head on this one, this is an intuitive and impulsive thing and your heart is usually more powerful and is going to win!

Here are some common signs of “Art Heart”:

  1. Excitable
  2. Expressive
  3. A Little (or a LOT) Impulsive
  4. Leads with Heart, not Head
  5. Whimsical
  6. Creative
  7. Energetic
  8. Fun Loving
  9. Makes Decisions/Purchases without Checking In with Anyone
  10. “Better to Ask for Forgiveness than Permission”
  11. Fun
  12. Happy
  13. Uplifted
  14. Bold
  15. Self-Aware
  16. Kind
  17. Fast Decision Maker

If you’re a creative maker like me, all of this will probably be like music to your ears because you’re probably a lot like our ideal clients with “Art Heart”! I mean, all of those to-be-flipped furniture purchases (or whatever it is you do) on a whim when ya promised yourself you’d cool it for a while, oof. 

I had a good chat recently with Aimee Lauren Interiors. She is an interior designer AND she does art too! We both giggled that it seemed that although both of those *professions* are creative, one of them pulls in a more whimsical style of client (the art side). I do believe she is the one who mentioned the term “Art Heart” so I wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Not saying that interior design clients aren’t fun loving. How would I know, I’m not an interior designer, lol! But I could relate to what she was saying because the types of people who seem to work with me/purchase my painted furniture, decor and art seem to have a lot of the same personality traits. Fun, happy, uplifted, self-aware, kind, creative, energetic, excitable, know what they want quickly and make fast decisions, and dare I say it – a little impulsive. I like that last one the most – I like the boldness about it.

Or maybe I’m just describing myself and attracting the people that are just like me? Maybe we’re all art hearts who are reading this? Trust me, most people I know ARE NOT art hearts and are more “logical” thinkers. Nothing wrong with that, we all have to balance each other out, right?! For example, my husband is the total opposite of an art heart. And I am clearly one, haha!

I am definitely all of those things, impulsive is probably the one that drives my husband the craziest, but he loves me anyways. I’m always thinking with my heart vs. my head and go full steam ahead with all of my decisions. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission in my experience. 

My items aren’t perfect. Nothing and no one in this world is, but at the same time, they are. My things have charm and are IMperfectly perfect just the way that they are. A lot of my clients say that’s what they love about it, is that it’s not perfect and that they’re one of a kind. And I thank you so much for saying these things about my work. If you’re an Office fan, you’ll remember Pam saying “Pobody’s Nerfect” and it’s a statement I’ve always held to be true. 

Does “Art Heart” make you think of yourself? Which personality traits are the most like you?