Oh gosh you guys, let me start off by saying that I think I picked the most controversial business to get into. Well maybe not, but sometimes I feel like it is! When I first started this business in early 2015, I didn’t have the slightest clue that I’d be having to develop a thick skin. Not for the sake of who I am as a person. But for what I do for a living. What I LOVE TO DO. My business, my income, my passion, my “calling”.

If you’ve found this post or follow me on social media, you know I paint furniture. Right?! RIGHT?! Haha.

I wanted to gather some statement points on painted furniture, as is furniture, all furniture, ALL of it, and you can determine what is right for you:

  1. Do you love painted furniture? Do you love furniture left as is? Do you love a paint and wood combo to keep some of the original wood showing? Guess what – there is no right or wrong answer! It all comes down to personal preference! Isn’t that so much fun?
  2. Speaking of many different styles as above, we furniture painters seem to have one thing in common – we are VERY accepting people. We love furniture as is (sometimes haha), we love painted furniture, we love a whitewashed look with the grain showing, we love it all! We’re mostly obsessed with the structure of something and our wheels get turning when we see that beautiful piece or fixer upper!
  3. I like a case of salvaging pieces-o-crap every now and then to save the furniture, but I hunt after quality antiques and midcentury furniture too, and they’re my favorite. Why? I enjoy the quality, the structure, the shape, character, history, the details that make it so unique. The fact that after about 100 years that piece is still standing and is still super solid and sturdy with many years to come. What I don’t like most of the time is the color. Hey, brown has its place in decor and I’m not knocking it at all. I’m inclusive and love it all! For me, my personal preference is a fun pop of color or a shade of white to brighten up a space while adding much needed storage!
  4. I live in a more modern style house. I’ve temporarily had dark brown antiques kicking around in the dining room/living room before being painted. And let me tell you those looked horrible in our house! The darkness of them, the tone of brown, the old style of them MIXED with the dark brown just did not go. A lot of times my customers live in or move into a more modern style home like mine and they keep their grandma’s buffet that is sentimental to them. They can’t bear to part with it and they can’t stand the sight of how it looks in their home as it is. Painting it looks AMAZING. Not only does it modernize the item, it brightens up their space and adds that funky charm! Like these – I mean, come on! SOOO good, and they’re so happy with the outcome!
  5. Painted furniture has so many styles and is a form of art. There are so many different artists out there and the way you paint a certain item makes it like no other! No one on this earth could recreate the exact same item, the exact same paint color and techniques used, etc. Which now makes these items ONE OF A KIND! If you’re not a fan of that brown item – why not paint it to suit your style and home space and have something even more special?!
  6. Paint isn’t permanent. You can always strip it off later on if you choose to do so. I think so many people think of painting furniture as such a permanent thing. Not to mention that people who restore items for living love people like us because it keeps them in business!
  7. BROWN items are amazing too!!! I’ve seen homes where they just fit in so well, and I love them as is too. I just love it all!!! But I’m a painter so of course I prefer painted, hehe.
  8. No matter how much we hear “you’re destroying that item and it’s value” is not going to make us stop doing what we love. Lighting the item on fire? That’s destroying it. What we’re doing is giving it a non-permanent dose of makeup as we see fit. That same item is still standing there with the same appreciation as it would as is. We love the heck out of these items!
  9. This is to all my painted furniture homies – never let anyone make you feel bad when they say things like: “It’s a crime, a crying shame, a shame, or a disgrace to paint furniture” (ew bye I’ve had those comments too, such icky angry energy). It’s YOUR life and you can decide what you want to do with your furniture whether you’re wanting to get your items painted, wanting to tackle it yourself with my online video course, or for me finding items to paint for my business to make an income. That’s the beauty of this life – we can do whatever the heck we want and no one can tell us not to. Wanting to get your items painted that are dragging your space down? YOU CAN! It’s your choice. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do that. I’m all for people doing what makes them happy and all the naysayers can just go away, lol.

Whenever I show something in its original brown as is state for custom painting, I have to pep talk myself first because I know I’ll get a swarm of negative nellies saying “PLEASE don’t paint that!” This usually comes armed with the little praying hands, as if that makes the comment or any other type of bullying type comments any sweeter. I always wonder what they’re doing on my page if they don’t fully appreciate or love what I do. I just take this comment in stride now because I’m honestly sooo used to it. It doesn’t hurt my feelings anymore like it used to. It’s just expected, and kindof funny at how typical it is. If I could get a dollar for every time I hear it, I’d be rich.

Those types of comments are unwanted and I’m sorry (not sorry), are going to get you banned from my page. My social media pages are a space of creativity, love, joy, happiness, and peace. It’s a space to share with like minded individuals who have a love of painted furniture and transforming old to new. Y’all, it’s just PAINTED FURNITURE. There are bigger fish to fry in the world than someone creating art from something ugly or unwanted. I have chosen to completely ignore the negative and focus on the people who are here for it. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re here for it and don’t even fathom the thought that this even occurs!

We furniture painters love and are obsessed with furniture in all styles as passionately as the people who hate that we paint it. So I guess we all have one thing in common – we love furniture. Now, can we just accept that people believe and love different things in life and that neither is right or wrong and that what you choose to do is up to you. Don’t let anyone dull that sparkle in any way, shape or form. I just want the negativity surrounding painted furniture to end and for it to stop being so taboo. I see a big change since when I started and to now. I believe it’s getting better and people are getting more used painted furniture which is good.

I hope that this post can enlighten many to think differently if only stuck thinking one certain way, and if you still hate painted furniture after reading this post, that’s okay too. I know what I do for a living is not for everyone, but I am here to make a change in the world for the people who do love painted furniture and it makes them happy to see it. Nothing will ever stop me from doing what I love. I see the change, the brightness, the light and love, the color, the art, the functionality, the recycling and repurposing of what was once unloved into something magical. That is why I along with many friends in the community choose to keep on going!

CAN I JUST SAY A HUGE THANK YOU to the ones who love and support this business, the ones who can’t even believe this happens because you think it’s as crazy and baffling as I do when we receive comments like this, the ones who are so accepting, loving, positive, full of light and joy that they don’t even have the mental capacity to even have the negative thoughts to convulse into these types of comments? THANK YOU. I see you all the time, I focus on you, I am here for YOU, despite me giving so much attention to the negative in this blog post. It’s not how I live my life. I drown out negativity like that – it’s not acceptable at all. I feel like speaking up and standing out against such negativity and online bullying helps to set a standard that it is not acceptable.

Now go sprinkle love joy and happiness to others, you wonderful person you!