Hey guys!

I have so much inventory to be painted, I pay a monthly rent for storage with Kirsten of Peach Poppy Designs. We have two lockers right now – we have one where we store our painted items at Two Girls and a Locker, and another locker full of brown, outdated treasures. It’s bursting at the seams!

Before I get to those ones which I’d much rather be doing, I really have to focus on what I currently DO have that’s not selling, especially the big pieces since they take up the most space in our painted locker space. This was taken in the fall of 2020, everything in this photo has changed since this was taken, except you can see periwinkle there on the right side haha! NOT good.

Last week I painted an off white dresser that wouldn’t sell and transformed it by ripping off ornaments, etc! That one was CRAZY challenging, but I got through it over the span of 2 or so weeks. Here’s what I did with that one:

This week, it’s all about updating this periwinkle dresser that’s also been sitting for a long 6 months. I’m super patient while I wait and hope that the right buyer will find my items and unite with them, however, going forward if something doesn’t sell within 6 months it’s getting repainted and re-transformed. A mini makeover so to speak!

The nice thing about painting over already painted furniture is that the prep work is out of the way – the sanding and priming. So all you need to do is paint over it and re-seal it. The photo below is a still from my YouTube video, so that’s why the color is weird with no natural light in my garage.

In this case it was more than that since I had to fill the holes for new hardware. Deep hardware holes take 3-4 coats of putty. These took 4. That took all day to let all of those 4 coats dry so I painted everywhere else I could while I waited. I can never seem to find handles that fit the exact size of the original holes, oh well!

I previously painted this long Dixie dresser using BB Frosch powder + Benjamin Moore’s color “White Satin” which is not white, it’s definitely periwinkle!

This time I’m painting it in BB Frosch powder + Behr’s color “Sunwashed Brick”. BB Frosch is a powder you mix in with latex paint to make it a chalk/mineral style furniture paint. You can learn more about it in my FAQ’s post if you’re intrigued to learn more about it. I’m also the Canadian retailer if you’d like to order some!

I painted 2 coats with this shade, it’s so lovely! I used my Homeright Sprayer to spray my poly over the whole dresser, and used a brush to poly around the drawer edges.

I could have sprayed the paint over the dresser but it was a hot mess with all the putty, etc. I just figured I’d hand brush while I waited for the putty to dry. I do spray sometimes too. I’m happy I know how to do both. I have e-courses for beginners to learn how to paint furniture like I do, I also have a spray course if you want to learn, you can find out more info about my e-courses here.

The old (well – very modernly new) handles needed to be switched out to totally change the look of this piece. I wanted something a little more traditional. I went super modern last time and it may have been a look Saskatoon wasn’t ready for, so I thought I’d step back in time just a little bit and show people what they’ve already seen and are familiar with, but also a look that I really love too! I always always always have to love everything I create. That’s the rule!

I got new handles from Richelieu – they’re a champagne-gold color, not too blaringly yellow-gold. I do love the yellow gold too though. Just not this time for this piece. I think they’re so pretty!

I’m really happy I picked this color and decided to switch this dresser up. Below is the before, the periwinkle, and the after in the pink shade. Will it sell? Only time will tell!

Want to watch the YouTube video I created about this dresser makeover? Click below!