how to painted furniture

  • How to Prevent Yellowing, Stain Bleed, Streakiness, and Crackling when Painting Furniture

    Hey everyone! Have you ever experienced yellowing, stain bleed/blotches, crackling, or even yellow streaking in your sealant when painting your items white/off white/light colors? Even your dark colors can fall culprit to these issues if not treated accordingly (although more rare). I’m here to help you to troubleshoot why this is happening and how to […]

  • How to Eliminate Brush Strokes when Painting Furniture

    Hey everybody! Have you ever seen some pretty painted furniture and think “oh my gosh, I can do that!” but then you go to try yourself and it looks NOTHING like what you’ve seen the pros do. Looks all bumpy, brush stroke-y, ridgy, and just ugggglyyy? Whyyyyyyyy…. My top question I receive from people on […]

  • “Where do You Buy Your Metal Bases / Legs From?”

    Hey guys! It’s been a long time coming and I’ve meant to release this blog post for many months, but life got busy and…COVID. Sure, I’m going to go with that. But really, 2020 has been a gong show and I’ve had no extra time to do side things like blog posts which I do […]

  • “Why are your Items so Expensive?”

    “WHY ARE YOUR ITEMS SO EXPENSIVE?” I don’t know who needs to hear this today. It’s probably not even you, the reader, because I’m sure you’re here because you already watch and see what I do on the regular and see the unglamorous sides of furniture refinishing/painting via my Instagram stories, etc! But every now […]