1:1 Paint Project Mentoring


Do you have a specific project in your home that needs updating and you know that paint will help transform the item, and therefore the whole space too? Or even help make it 10X better than it was? Butttt….you don’t know how to paint, you have NO clue what color to choose, or you’re nervous you’re going to mess it up?

I understand you, because that’s what most people tell me! And then they take my e-courses and are totally confident! But sometimes there are specific projects/situations beyond what the basic courses teach that are very unique to your situation when it comes to design and details. And that’s why I’ve created and am trying out this new service called “The Paint Whisperer”, a 1:1 paint project mentoring service. I’m excited to help motivated people who feel drawn to me to help them with more than just learning the basics of how to paint.

What you’ll receive is mentoring for your specific project as well as a relevant e-course that will teach you the skills you need to learn how to paint your project properly. This price includes one project you have in mind – if you have multiple projects or rooms, we can figure out a custom price that suits your needs.


– You have a project you’d like to paint or have been wanting to for a while but find yourself unmotivated because of the lack of confidence to start.

– You’ve seen the makeovers I’ve done and think “I love that, but I could never do that because she’s naturally gifted and I know I wouldn’t be” – well I’ll stop you right there and let you know that practice and mistakes helped me to get to where I am. But I’m here to help you avoid most of the mistakes I’ve made over the years. I’m here to support you and share everything I know about how to paint related to your project.

– You’ve been interested in my painting e-course but feel you need the extra TLC and attention to your specific project and feel a little bamboozled, lol!

– Perhaps none of the above, but you feel I can help you with something else painting or business related

If you’re unsure about what I can help you with, I encourage you to please message me first with your design vision and what you’d like help with first before purchasing just to make sure I’m able to help you to achieve your goals.

I always want to drill this home – nothing will ever be perfect. You do the best you can with what you’re given and then walk away when you’ve tried your very best!

I want to help you to achieve your project/space painting goals. If you’re drawn to my service and you think I’m the one that can help get you there, that’s likely why you’re here reading this! I can paint all the dressers in the world and yes that does bring me joy, but what brings me the most joy is seeing others have joy from what they can accomplish. And if you think I’m the gal to help you, fantastic! You’re going to love your new space YOU have transformed using paint. Change your mindset, change your space, change your life!

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