Are you curious about how much custom painted pieces cost, if you own it and want it painted?

We want to transform your old, worn, sentimental items into upscale statement items you can love again! We love to focus on one large project at a time to be able to give superior customer service and attention!

Custom work is always going to be a little bit more than my pieces for sale because custom is tailored to you and usually involves more details, shopping around online and in person for hardware/paint and products, and conversations back and forth to get your desired look in general – take a more time and attention. Here at Just Paint It! by Dani, our main focus is on large scale projects in light, bright and airy styles. I work with colors too – just no longer do dark colors/wood/staining. Other people specialize in that, and I specialize in this type of look.

Items typically take between 1-4 weeks from time of receiving it to painted completion. Some pieces you may be surprised to see it done so soon. Sometimes big pieces/multi items will take the full amount of time. Furniture has a way of being easy or difficult, and you never know until it’s in your hands how long it’ll take. If you can part with it for a full month, we will work hard on it and watch miracles unfold! Haha!

Here are the most common items Just Paint It! by Dani refinishes for customer-owned pieces, but if it’s not on the list, feel free to reach out and ask! At this time, we’re not focusing on small projects, but please feel free to reach out if you have an inquiry! These are just some examples:

2021 Updated Custom Price List:

Night Stand Set: $795 – $1295/set

Upright Dresser/Armoire/China Cabinet: $795 – $1695 (Higher range for more detailed work like China cabinet)

9 Drawer Dresser: $995 – $1495

Long Buffet / Sideboard / Credenza: $1095 – $1795 (price ranges depending on how detailed it is, if there are interior cupboards etc)

Piano: $1895 – $2595

Additional Options (Ex: if an item is a base price of $895 and you’d want some light distressing, the add-on calculation would be $895 X 0.1 = $89.50 add-on price):
  1. Light Distressing – 10% charge
  2. Heavy Distressing – 30% charge
  3. Painted Interior Cubbies/China Cabinet Interior – 40% charge
  4. Painted Drawer Bottoms – 10% charge
  5. Painted Interior/Exteriors of Drawers on all sides (including drawer bottoms) – 35% charge
  6. Painted Back of Item – 15% Charge
  7. Whitewashed Wood – 50% Charge – Items usually need to be completely strip sanded down to get a good effect – only some pieces I can do this look for. Please inquire.
  8. New Hardware – We can find new hardware together online at the expense of the customer -> I usually ballpark $10/piece of hardware/knob, you’ll only pay what the item costs at my business pricing
  9. Damage Repair – We have someone in house that can fix most wood repairs, no matter how scary they may be. Please mention this in your quote since every fix is different!

FREE Saskatoon & Area delivery is included in your quotes! If you’ve had custom work done with me in the past, you will receive 10% OFF your quote. Prices are subject to tax on the final bill.

Please note that if you’d like to book an appointment to talk about custom work/see my items I have for sale in person before committing to custom work, I require a $25 non-refundable appointment fee. This is deducted if custom work is booked or an item purchased within one week of your appointment.

To book your item in, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book the work and guarantee your spot in the custom work calendar. Once the project is done, the remaining 50% + tax + hardware cost (if any) is required as payment. I take e-transfer and credit card. 

To inquire about your custom piece of furniture to be painted please send detailed photos and your inspiration to my email, on Instagram or on Facebook @justpaintitbydani