Hey guys! Welcome back to the 4 part series. This is number 3 – the painting part! In this part we used BB Frosch powder mixed with Behr Premium Plus Paint & Primer in One in satin sheen to paint up my customer’s cute antique desk. Last week we primed, the week before that we lightly sanded. I hope you’re all caught up!

I mixed 4 heaping tbsps of BB Frosch powder, whisked it well with some water, and then added 2 cups of my favorite paint in Benjamin Moore’s color “Revere Pewter”. I’m showing the contractor one because it’s the one I use most often – I use so much of this stuff! It comes in two smaller sizes too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about BB Frosch powder, check out my blog post which is FAQ style and answers the most common questions I receive about it!

This is where we left off last time, it’s all primed up and ready to go! This cute desk was happy with 2 coats of BIN shellac primer and didn’t bleed on me, so I know it’s not an extreme bleeder and wouldn’t need any spot touch ups of oil based primer, yippee!

I did two coats of paint in long, even strokes making sure to blend my paint out as I painted. Purdy brushes are my favorite and I feel like they really eliminate any brush strokes from ever happening. Watering down your paint helps too if you find it’s too thick and leading to brush strokes. If you find that your paint is ever brush stroke-y, I have a blog post for that, too! You can find that blog post here!

Now of course – you can use mini foam rollers or a sprayer to apply your paint. I really like Bennett Foam rollers when I do use rollers – I used them in the last episode when I primed. This item is so tiny and has so many intricate areas that it makes sense to just brush it all and not get a roller and tray, or my sprayer out. It’s all personal preference though, and always nice to know how to do them all.

Something different that I’ve never done before was using a Swiffer to dip into paint, and then using the handle to reach into tough to get spaces, like this little organizer nook thing that went inside the desk. It worked fantastic and then did some brush on touch ups later. Lazy girl hack for the win! Or perhaps slight genius? Not sure, haha!

Each coat of BB Frosch “transformed” paint mixture dries in 30-60 minutes. In between coats I sanded lightly with my favorite Norton sanding sponges to get any crusty nubbly bits out, then I painted my 2nd coat.

As you can see, the coats are always lighter when they first go on, and dry darker. You can really tell the difference in the photo below.

Once the 2nd coat was nice and dry, I used 600 grit sandpaper to make it sooooo soft and buttery smooth for what’s next!

This piece is now ready for the next step and next week’s lesson – sealing! You’ll learn all about it then – look how cute and happy this piece is now that it’s no longer brown and it’s just cutie cutie cute! 🙂

Want a video version of this post? Head to my YouTube video here: