Hey everyone! If you know about BB Frosch Paint Transformer Powder already, you’re here and just want to know how to mix it. We all seem to mix it a little differently. This is the way I do it so I hope this is helpful!

If you’ve wound up here and don’t know what the heck BB Frosch is and here I am talking your ear off about how to mix it, I have a FAQ’s blog post you can check out where I’m sure all your burning q’s will be answered there! I’ll try and keep this simple – no muss, no fuss and no fluff. Let’s go!

Step 1 – Scoop 2 heaping tbsps of powder into a mixing container. You’ll want to add in a little bit of extra powder if using a paint with a little more sheen for more grip since BB Frosch is meant to be mixed with flat sheen paint. I personally use satin sheen, so I say I “extra heap” my tablespoons with powder when using satin or anything shinier.

Step 2 – For the 2 heaping tbsps of powder, you’ll do 2-2.5 tbsps of warm water and add that to your powder. Mix well with a whisk and then use a butterknife to scrape the sides and edges to make sure all the powder has gotten wet. Start out with 2 tbsps of water, and add an extra 1/2 tbsp if it’s a bit too dry.

Step 3 – Add in 1 cup of your latex paint of choice.

My personal favorite is Behr Paint & Primer in One. It’s 0 VOC and BB Frosch is also 0 VOC so mixed together you have a non-toxic paint. The Behr kind is my favorite and I feel that specific one has the best consistency. Behr also has sample sizes but seemingly only in the Behr Marquee line, which isn’t 0 VOC. It is a little smellier so if you’re sensitive to smells, protect yourself with a mask. I really like Behr Paint though…and Home Depot…and BB Frosch 🙂

Step 4 – Whisk the paint and powder mixture well and use the butterknife again to scrape the sides and edges.

Step 5 (Optional) – I like to do this trick whether I’m spraying my paint (yes this can be sprayed) or hand brushing it. I like to use Devilbiss strainers from Amazon to get out any dried paint chunks/impurities, or some powder that may not have been incorporated.

You now have your chalk/mineral style paint you’ve concocted all on your own using the color you have chosen! Woohoo! Well – maybe not yet? Maybe you want to get your hands on this magic powder but don’t know how/where. If you’re in Canada, you can order it through me by clicking here with FREE shipping. If you’re anywhere else, you can check out BB Frosch’s list of retailers near you by clicking here!