Hey you guys!

Do you have cracks that look like thisssss and you’re like oh heeelllzzz no.

I’ve known about this crack-filling step for some time and realized how easy it would be to just DO IT, but sometimes in the past I just wouldn’t take the time to take this extra step. Or I’d be in a mad dash to paint a piece up and leave the ugly cracks unfilled and thought, “meh – it’s not that noticeable”. I cringe at my past self for not thinking ahead sometimes when I could have just taken the extra step to a next level finish. With a little forethought and assessing damage/ugly stuff before you get into painting and get lazy/slough it off, you could do this step an hour before you get started on the rest of what you’re doing and be so happy you did!

Whether you’re going to be painting your furniture or even kitchen/bathroom cabinets where there are large gaps/visible cracks, this trick will make you happy!

All you need is some patience, your finger, aaaaaandddd….



I really love the Lepage Speed Dry PolyFilla one.


All you need to do is cut the tip off of this squeezable tube and squeeze a good sized amount of the filler in a line into the gaps you’re trying to fill.

Then, run your finger along to push it into the gaps for smooth and even coverage. I suppose you could use a putty knife as well, but where’s the fun and creativity in that? There’s just something about the finger that makes it cool.

Once your filler is dry, you can decide to lightly sand any excess off. I did just a little bit, there wasn’t much excess putty since my finger pretty much took care of that. For large gaps it may take longer than 15 minutes to dry. I’d say an hour is a good amount of time for the same size of crack I did.

Below is a before and after comparison for ya! Isn’t that amazing?

My apologies for the less than amazing photo quality of the after, it was a screenshot of a video I made for showing how to do this (more on that below if you’re interested in the video). But you can clearly see how much better it is, right?!

Anywho, at this point, continue with your painting or whatever the next step is that you’re doing. Sometimes you don’t realise just how deep a crack is until you put some bright paint onto it and it’s like “wowww now I see you, you ugly lil crack you!” so that’s why I only discovered it AFTER painting my first coat of paint onto this piece.

Here is the before and after of this small buffet I did that sold very fast! Woohoo! I guess the universe could feel how much effort and LOVE I put into this piece, it treated me to a fast sale and an amazing customer who loves it in her office!

If you’d prefer to see the video version of this blog post, here’s the YouTube video:

Hope this helps you out! It’s amazing what a small effort can do to change the whole look of your item!