Do you have a room you’re embarrassed of? Do you have a room you chuck things into and close the door on, or is that just us?

We have a large house for just the two of us (me and Steve) so we could afford to have a “junk room” where space is concerned. Until you start bringing in people like a cleaner, you have to explain to them why they don’t have to go in there. Or anyone coming over, “DON’T GO IN THERE!” This was our junk room for a good 4-5 years. Since COVID has struck us all, I think we’re paying more attention to our surroundings now that we realise we’re going to be in them for a while. I’m all about maximizing and enjoying the spaces we’re in.

Not even joking you guys, no renovations were done here except for PAINT. Even the floors. Paint! Can you believe it? Well…and décor/new light fixture. I believe in the power of paint! Sometimes you have to do a full gut, but in this case, because I’m good at painting, I was able to get a little crafty! JUST PAINT IT! I’ll do a full list of all the colors I used at the end of this post for your reference.

First off, I had to clear the clutter. That’s always the most dreadful part about redoing a room, is taking ownership and just jumping right in and starting. Dreading is worse than doing. It surprisingly only took me 2 or so hours in full beast mode to get through the clutter. Then I started thinking about what I really wanted this room to be once it was an empty canvas.

Although we had tucked this treadmill into this room for a few weeks, it was in our living room/bonus room on our 2nd floor for years. What an eyesore that is for a room we spend most of our leisure time in, ew. I also knew the winter months were looming so outdoor walking was going to be out of commission soon. The focus on the treadmill in a happy space all year round was going to be key! I love walking as my only form of exercise, by the way. #lazyforthewin #slowandsteadywinstherace – hashtags hide my true feelings. Anyone else?

The rooms I transform, I never know what I’m going to do. I never have a plan. I’m not a planner or a goal setter, I just go with the flow and keep adding things and tweaking. Does that make me crazy? If it does, I don’t care, it’s working. I’m whimsical like that. I knew that I would start with the fresh canvas of bright white walls. My go-to bright white that I’ve been using all over our home’s walls is Behr Ultra Pure White. I use this shade a lot on my furniture when I want just stark bright white with no off white tones or creaminess.

I painted up the walls and didn’t have a care in the world about drips or spills because I knew the soiled, peed on carpet from the puppy days were being ripped out. There’s something so soothing and relaxing about painting walls. No real thought has to go into it and you can really just be mindless while doing it. I especially love rolling walls.

I knew as well as being a treadmill room, that I wanted it to be a games room too where we had a small square table where we could play games, and Steve could do puzzles. He seems to like to do puzzles around Christmas time, so come this Christmas and he needs to get away from me for a bit, that can be his retreat. I’m just joking. We get along really well. But you know, sometimes couples need their space to do what they wish to do every now and then alone.

I knew that I wanted this table which would be the center piece of the room to be ORANGE. Flaming orange – that’s right! When I told Steve he said huh? Why orange? I said, trust the process. We want this room to be HAPPY!

My mom (who is my sanding assistant – lucky me, huh?) sanded down the table, it was really crusty and damaged so lots of wood filler was needed too. Once that was sanded down and ready, I did my paint magic thing.

She’s really the true magician though for liking sanding. She also sanded down the chair legs from black/espresso to this beautiful naked wood.

What I love about these chairs is that they don’t steal the show and let other parts of the room shine. More deets on these below.

I painted the closet doors from boring white to periwinkle (Steve really liked a dresser in my available painted inventory – I guess he likes periwinkle) and I surprised him while he was at work.

He loved the change in the closet doors. It was the first change I made after painting the walls white so it was cool to see some color in there. I knew this color would look amazing with the flaming orange center piece table that was to come – to tone it out.

I knew we needed some sort of TV stand. I bought this one upright dresser thinking it was going to be a regular size upright dresser I could flip and sell, but it was tiny when I picked it up. CHILD SIZE TINY. But still so cute.

I thought it would be perfect for our new TV stand to face the treadmill. I painted this up in a Dani custom creation (recipe listed below). It’s such a dramatic, yet elegant pink. It’s hard to describe the color and how it makes me feel but I’m so smitten with how it turned out. I didn’t do anything to the original handles just popped them back on, they’re what sold me on this dresser. I’m loving mixing up colors lately, but only when it’s 2 colors at a 50:50 ratio so it’s easy enough for people to re-create on their own.

I had so many different ideas about how I’d camouflage the eyesore of a treadmill – I mean come on, there was a vibe that was going to be happening in this room. And then this clunky black thing in a bold bright room with white walls. I originally purchased some old wood bifold closet doors X2, but then these GORGEOUS steel doors appeared to me.

I painted them up in this beautiful rich turquoise color. We propped them up and we tried to figure out a way that we could keep them, but they are soooo heavy being steel and we just couldn’t figure out a way for them to stay permanently. My anxiety got the best of me too. I was so nervous one of the dogs would go into there and one of the doors would come crashing down and squish them. Anxiety feels are not cool. That is bad juju, so they had to go. They’re now chilling on a huge bare wall we have in our bonus/living room. Why the heck not?! So I found an actual room divider, which was go number 3. Room dividers are really hard to find on Marketplace apparently. If I would have just found this in the first place, I would have done this from the start.

I did the same original turquoise because it pulls the room together so nicely with the blue in the rug. More on the rug at the end. I’m really happy with this sassy color but also the fact its lightweight and can easily be carried around unlike those scary steel doors.

NOW. Let’s talk about the rainbow wall decal. I was kindof freaked out about this one (in a good way of course) because I had been dreaming about painting a rainbow on one of the big white walls to fill it out and make things HAPPY! A rainbow had been on my mind for a couple of months and then Alia Wall Co in Calgary reached out to me and asked if I wanted to collab. She created this beautiful watercolor painting (she hand created it!) and got it printed out on a huge vinyl decal and sent it out to me.

It was scary doing this because I didn’t want to mess it up, it’s just so gorgeous. Because it’s so large, it took both me and Steve to put it up. Lots of placing it on, and then rubbing it into place and making sure it was stuck on before peeling the outer layer. I think if it was smaller decals it would be waaay easier. I think we also put it on a touch crooked but that’s ok. Pobody’s nerfect. But the final look and result was worth it and we love it soooo much! Thanks for your art Alia Wall Co! I believe this is the true focal point of this room, the Happy Room!

PS – rainbows on walls don’t have to be for kids, just like pink doesn’t have to be for little girls. Let’s get these ideas out of our minds because there are misconceptions that things have to be for a certain someone and that’s the only way it can be, and that’s not true. If you love it, do it. At first when we received it Steve said “aren’t those usually for kids’ rooms?” and I said, NO. They’re for happy rooms and people who love rainbows. He has been educated. He loves it too!

Now. All about dem’ floors! Which is probably the biggest reason you came here! Steve took ownership and cut and ripped out the carpet. Bless him! I was left with OSB and I did a poll on Instagram asking if people thought I could make it look good (full well knowing I could do it) and most people said no. I love proving people wrong.

I did a whole bunch of filling in the texture of the OSB which took a whoooooleeeee bunch of filler! I did the filler before priming, and after priming once I saw more spots that needed filling. I sanded it down with my orbital sander, kept crawling in the room with my hands and knees, this part took so long but the prep work was worth it to get as smooth of a surface as possible before the next steps.

Because the carpets were soiled on with puppy urine from the good ol days (ughhhh) and it leaked through to the subfloor, I could smell it with my intense sense of smell. I didn’t like that. I got some BIN shellac based primer (1 gallon worth) and I had it tinted to the base shade of paint I was going to use for the floor. I rolled it on and it was super exciting! I did two coats with the BIN primer. So when it came time to making my chalk/mineral paint concoction with BB Frosch Paint Transformer powder, only one coat was needed for coverage. I used the first darker shade for my base coat. Then I used a slightly lighter shade and used this wood graining tool I got from Amazon.

This really helped give some texture over the plain painted floors, but this still wasn’t enough, even when I thought it would be.

It was looking really blah like this still, so I took a few random pieces of vinyl plank in different lengths and went around the room and traced them in a dark grey paint. THIS is what made the floors appear more hardwood floor-like! I was onto something!

I didn’t ever know this was going to happen or that this would be my plan, but I love when creative solutions come about. The floors were looking a little bit too tan-beige for my liking, so I went over everything with a couple light coats of whitewashing to tone out the warm tones and to blend in the newly created grey lines. It was darn well perfect, I was thrilled!!! So I sealed it up by going on my hands and kneed and brushing on a couple coats of poly. Brushing on your poly lays it on thicker.

You guys, it’s been about 2 months and it’s stood up so well. From nothing to SOMETHING WONDERFUL! This is probably the best part about this room. No scuffs or anything yet. A large area rug in the middle of the room where the chairs move around so much really helps. The treadmill is stationary and we dragged it along the floor with a thick blanket. Although this was just a temporary measure until it’s time that we replace all the flooring in the house at once before we sell (date unknown), I say you may as well love the space you’re in RIGHT NOW! If something is bothering you so much and you have the ability and desire to do it. I say go for it! Now looking at all this work you might be saying “I’d never do that. That’s way too much work” I get it. Now I know most of you probably came to this blog post to find out how I did the floors exactly and to a tee, however, I wanted to give you the info to share how I did them in general, but the products I used and the whole process, I want to make floor painting into an e-course so I’m keeping it near and dear to me at this time. I hope I eased your curiosity though! Would I do this type of floor again? NO! Not to this extent. I’m glad I did and the past is in the past. But to get that level of detail/wood look/wood grain/plank looking floors, it was way too much work. I’d do plain painted floors or stencilling before I’d do this again.

Because I do this for a living, I’m always going after adventures and pushing myself to do weird things that expand me and make me learn more things. And I get to benefit out of them by enjoying the spaces I’m in and that I’ve created. I hope this inspires you to do the same! Just do it, just paint it, and then reap the benefits of all your hard work!

If you’re curious about how I painted all of the furniture/closet doors, check out my e-courses. Always more to come!

For the following painted furniture items, I mixed BB Frosch Paint Transformer powder in with my paints to make furniture chalk/mineral type paint, and if you’re in Canada you can order it from me. If you’re outside of Canada, you can order through their website here. I love this magic powder! It makes the most amazing creamy furniture paint!

PAINT COLORS USED (All mixed with BB Frosch except for the walls):

Bright Orange MCM Table – Behr Exotic Blossom

“Dani Pink” MCM Dresser – I mixed a 50/50 ratio with Behr’s colors Drama Queen and Pink Quartz

Periwinkle Closet Doors – I used Benjamin Moore’s color “White Satin”, but let me tell you, there’s no white in there. This is PERIWINKLE!

Bright Turquoise Room Divider – Behr Paradise Sky

Walls – Behr Ultra Pure White

Floors – Can’t remember! I used so many shades and was whimsical about it. Good luck to me if I ever have to do a touch up!


Rug – The rug is from Wayfair originally, I had purchased it from someone on Marketplace in the summer of 2020. It didn’t fit in her space and wasn’t even used so I was thrilled that I was the lucky one to find it! This was in my front entrance in the summer but because of all the snow and coming inside with wet muddy boots, I didn’t want my pretty rug to get trampled and ruined, so I’ve moved it to the Happy Room and is now the focal part of the room!

I’ve tried to find the actual source but it seems it’s no longer available. BUT. There are sooo many beautiful patterns on Wayfair!

Rainbow Wall DecalAlia Wall Co

Light Fixture – The basket light fixture is from Lowes (thanks Steve for installing it because I have no clue how to do these types of things). If you’re already struggling with low light like we are in this room, watch out with this light fixture because the light is very dim. I plan on adding some floor lamps to help with light. This is why there are no curtains because we need all the light we can get!

Chairs – These are from Facebook Marketplace so I’m unsure where they’re from originally. Someone’s no longer needed items were my newfound treasure!

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and I hope I’ve inspired you to “Just Paint It!”