FAQ'S & Furniture Policies

PAYMENT OPTIONS – I can take credit card via the online shop and can also take e-transfer. All items are subject to 11% tax.

SASKATOON & AREA DELIVERY – Offering professional, friendly, blanket wrapped delivery service in the Saskatoon area for an additional $125. The company I use is called Nimble Moves and they’re amazing and so friendly/reliable! They pick the item up from my home and bring it to you and place it anywhere it needs to go in your home. Free local pickup from my home in Martensville, SK if you’re able to collect the item yourself.

DELIVERY FURTHER THAN SASKATOON AREA – We can deliver within Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. I like to be transparent about costs so I’ve come up with a calculation that you can do from home before reaching out. The cost is 50 cents per KM from my home in Martensville, SK. So for example, if you’re in Regina, SK and it’s roughly 550 KM round trip, (0.5 X 550) it would be $275 delivery cost. This is a smaller trip which can be a day trip so I can come by myself during the week if there is help to unload the item. If needing a weekend delivery where I’d bring my husband to help, this will be considered a weekend rate and would be an additional $250, but there would be more help lifting so you wouldn’t have to! For trips that are longer than 400 KMS one way, this will require one night of accommodation (an additional $250). Please reach out with any questions! You’re free to look into other delivery options as well such as uShip (I haven’t ever used this service and it’s up to the customer to research and look into quotes) however, I’ve created the product so I’m very careful and want to bring it to you safely!

Accepted payment methods: Full payment must be made to mark an item sold. E-Transfer and Credit Card via my online shop to claim it – prices are subject to 11% tax at checkout. If e-transfering, the total amount will be the price listed + 11% tax added. So the calculation is the price of the item X.11, add that to the list price and that is the total price. I can take e-transfer to justpaintitbydani@hotmail.com. Without full payment, the item cannot be held and is still available in the shop. 


Please note that all furniture purchases must be picked up in Martensville, SK within 10 calendar days from the date purchased unless discussed with Dani. Open Hours: Monday-Friday 10 AM-6PM by pre-arranged appointment. We can arrange a longer pickup time; however, there will be storage fees which will need to be added to your purchase – we will discuss before you purchase.

If you’re in the Saskatoon Area and getting the professional delivery option, you won’t have to worry about any of this as they take care of keeping the item safe for the trip home. I bubble and stretch wrap every piece that’s been sold so that it’s safe and ready for its new home. If you’re picking up from further distances or would prefer picking up the item yourself, please make sure to come in an emptied out, large enough enclosed SUV, van or truck – coming with a bunch of stuff in the back and trying to tetris a painted item (even if wrapped) may not be a good idea. If needing to put it in an open truck box and the forecast calls for rain or snow, I suggest to bring a tarp to cover and protect from ratchet straps and the outdoor environment for the way home. It is the responsibility of the buyer to protect your finished items but I’ll make sure to bubble wrap and stretch wrap the piece before it goes home!

Since your item has been painted and sealed with a liquid coating which sits on top of the wood, no matter how durable the paint/sealant is or the prep done to the piece, the item should always be handled with care and should be considered fragile. I use the most durable products possible, but I still expect the customer to acknowledge that painted items are not bulletproof and damage can happen if not careful. Your piece will remain beautiful as long as you’re gentle with it. Although my items are a final sale, I do provide you with a full listing of the products used as well as touch up products to take home if anything gets damaged. I can help guide you as to how to touch up your item if a nick happens during transportation home. I highly suggest using coasters, felt pads under anything you’re setting down (decor items) and even kleenex boxes can leave stains on light colored surfaces. Wine and red/berry type liquids are the devil and will stain your surfaces if they spill. Baskets and decorative bowls (with felt pads underneath them) are your friend to be able to toss items into it without a worry. Your investment will stay looking fresh and lovely! I know all of this because in every room of my home I have one of my painted creations to be able to experiment over the years. But feel free to ask about anything!

If ever wanting to use an item as a bathroom vanity or use it as an ultra-high traffic piece, I suggest getting a piece of glass cut. I can provide you the business name and phone number of the place in Saskatoon that I go to. It’s pretty affordable and they do great work!

VIEWINGS – Viewings are available Monday – Friday between the hours of 10 AM – 6 PM by appointment – located from my home in Martensville, Saskatchewan (10 mins north of Saskatoon). Items cannot be held even if you have an appointment since the online store is always running and anyone can purchase the item at any time. I can also do video tours and extra photos at no extra cost, if you want to see more detail that I may not have shown in my listings.

It’s possible with some items, however it will add quite a bit of extra cost since it’s almost doing it over from scratch. Please message me to discuss to see if I can help make your vision come to life!

Backs of items are not normally painted (since they go up against the wall most of the time and aren’t made of the same material), interior doors/cupboards/drawers unless specifically shown or mentioned in photos/in the listing. Please assume these haven’t been done if it’s not mentioned or shown in photos. I understand that in some scenarios you’d like to have these done. We can always do these additional services for you at an extra cost. To see how much these additional services are please message me. 

I sure can! I specialize in painting wood and wood style furniture. Each piece is different so the costs vary quite a bit. 50% non refundable down deposit of the total job cost is required to book in. The remainder and taxes due once I’ve notified you that the job has been completed. Want more info on custom work? You can check it out here: https://justpaintitbydani.ca/custom-painting-info/

I sometimes have inventory I’m willing to customize. If I do, you’ll be able to find them on my social media pages

I get this question a lot. Unfortunately, I’ve had to stop searching for people since I’d look and look and then they’d get impatient and buy something and not tell me. I think it’s best that you find the item you love, and we can discuss how much it would be before you buy, etc! My fave places to search for items are Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji. 

Have more questions? We’re happy to help!