Furniture Policies

CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM – If you’ve ever purchased from me or had custom work done with me in the past, you’re eligible for a 10% VIP discount on any of my current available items for sale. You’ll have to contact me prior to purchasing this item to get the discount code from me which changes regularly.

MULTI-ITEM DISCOUNT – If you’re interested in more than one item, I offer a 10% discount for bundling items (please note that the VIP discount and multi-item discount can’t be combined). You’ll have to contact me prior to purchasing this item to get the discount code from me which changes regularly.

If there is a clearout sale, VIP and multi item discounts cannot be combined with sale discounts. Aside from these discounts, all prices are firm unless stated by me.

DELIVERY – NEW! I’m happy to announce FREE Saskatoon & Area Delivery included in your painted furniture purchases! If you’re inquiring for further distances in Saskatchewan or nationally, please contact me for a quote. We only ship within Canada.

Accepted payment methods: Full payment must be made to mark an item sold. E-Transfer and Credit Card via my online shop to claim it. I can take e-transfer to Please feel free to message me on social media or text/call me at 306-291-3690 so I can know to watch for your transfer. You’ll receive confirmation and receipts to your email through PayPal once the purchase is complete. Without the payment, the item belongs to Just Paint It! by Dani and is available.


Please note that all furniture purchases must be picked up within 7 calendar days from the date purchased

Please make sure to come in an emptied out, large enough enclosed SUV, van or truck and bring lots of thick blankets to wrap around your item to avoid any friction or knocking. If needing to put it in an open truck box, make sure to bring a tarp and a lot of thick blankets to cover and protect from ratchet straps and the outdoor environment for the way home. It is the responsibility of the buyer to protect your finished items.

A: Bubble wrapping your item is an option for your furniture pickup! It’ll be done prior to your arrival which means you won’t be able to see the item in person first before taking it home. Bubble wrapping/stretch wrapping your piece is an additional $75. It offers light protection from friction of ratchet straps and the outside elements. It’ll give you peace of mind for moving your furniture through tight spaces or apartment stairs. Please allow 1-3 business days to bubble wrap your item before being ready for pickup as we may not have supplies in stock. We will let you know once this has been done and when your item is ready to bring home.

Since your item has been painted or stained with a liquid coating which sits on top of the wood, no matter how durable the paint/sealant is or the prep done to the piece, the item should always be handled with care and should be considered fragile. I use the most durable products possible, but I still expect the customer to acknowledge that painted items are not bulletproof and damage can happen if not careful. Your piece will remain beautiful as long as you’re gentle with it. Although my items are a final sale, I do provide you with a full listing of the products used as well as touch up products to take home if anything gets damaged.

If ever wanting to use an item as a bathroom vanity or use it as an ultra-high traffic piece, I suggest getting a piece of glass cut. I can provide you the business name and phone number of the place in Saskatoon that I go to. It’s affordable and they do great work!

Yes you can! I charge a $25 non-refundable viewing fee which must be paid via my online shop or e-transfer at time of booking. This can go towards a furniture purchase or custom work booked within one week. I can definitely send you any additional photos or videos to make you feel more comfortable if you’re not wanting to pay the $25 fee to see the item in person. Items are viewed by appointment at a storage locker in Saskatoon on the north end. Please allow at least 24 hours notice when inquiring to see an item as my calendar is normally quite full with furniture refinishing and related errands.

I’m sorry, paint color isn’t changeable on any of my finished items for sale.

Backs of items are not painted (since they go up against the wall most of the time and aren’t made of the same material), interior doors/cupboards/drawers/drawer liners which aren’t specifically shown or mentioned in photos/in the listing. Please assume these haven’t been done if it’s not mentioned or shown in photos. I understand that in some scenarios you’d like to have these done. We can always do these additional services for you at an extra cost. To see how much these additional services are, you can visit the custom work page. We also don’t prepare your item for pickup/delivery such as bubble or stretch wrapping (more info on this below on this page under the pickup/delivery section).

Have more questions? We’re happy to help!