Hey guys, OMG, it’s the FINAL day of my 30 day blog post challenge!!!

Did that title seem dramatic and get you to click on this post? You’ll read more about it later on and the funny things I’ve learned while doing the 30 day blogging challenge. Spoiler alert – people love drama. People click on drama. Hahaha!

As for my blogging journey, I feel like I’ve changed so much already, if I were to go read Day 1 of 30, I’d be like who is that?!

The time went by so fast, it really really did. I thought I’d dread writing these blog posts every single day and on weekends too, but somehow I was okay. I was challenged and motivated to be able to do it because I saw it as my job, but also as therapy. Talking out my feelings through blogging was really therapeutic.

If you read each and every single one, I salute you and I thank you for spending so much of your time with me. I hope somehow I inspired you in some way or got you to think about things a little differently.

I can honestly say that reading my blog posts, you’ll have gotten to know me really well. Social media stories/posts can only share so much, but what you read was who I am and what I really think. There’s just something so deep about reading what someone’s day to life is like and what they go to with their ups and downs of life.

I wanted to gather with you some things I learned in each topic that I touched on throughout this journey.


  • I didn’t do this for better SEO rankings, I don’t even really know what that means. There was no tactic, no hidden intentions, no marketing schemes to pull you to my blog to try and sell you something. I had NO AGENDA at all except for this to be a place for you to come hang out and hopefully you could see some of you in me. I hoped you’d feel inspired, that you felt like “I know the feeling exactly” because whenever I read something like that, I connected so well with that person and was thankful for them speaking about it.
  • I did not make more sales or more traction with my blog. If anything, maybe I repelled them? Nah – I don’t want to believe that. I’m just going through a slow season.
  • This was about creating connections and the ones I connected with – I feel like we know each other better now. Connections are so powerful and so good for the soul
  • The juicier the title of the blog post where it may have hinted that there was some drama, is what got the most viewers. For example – Day 24 “Steve Was Worried About Yesterday’s Post I Wrote…” and Day 28 “Something I’ve Never Shared with Social Media” – both with pictures of Steve and I, hinting at maybe a fight between us or a possible deep dark secret (which both didn’t happen), is really what lured people in. Every post for the most part was filled with good content, but the title either lured people in to know what the “juicy gossip” was or they barely got any views at all. Perhaps I should start every social media post with “I was going to kill Steve yesterday when… oh hey, look at my newest pretty pink dresser” hahahaha!
  • Blogging every day for roughly an hour was not really a big deal. I can no longer say “I don’t have time” to do a weekly post because frankly, I do. And I’m going to keep it up. I’m going to dedicate ONE DAY a week where I’ll post a new blog! Stay tuned! I’d especially love in the comments if you could give me some ideas as to what you’d like me to touch on or want me to speak of that you’re dying to read!


  • If you’ve read my posts, you know that I’m losing weight and that’s on purpose. I got over my fear of the scale and weighed myself in one of the first days of blogging. I was sooo scared, but I just did it and it wasn’t so bad. It’s been nice being able to track the changes happening instead of my head in the sand
  • I have lost 8 pounds since starting this blogging journey. I do weigh myself every day and it can fluctuate 3-4 pounds in one day even (yes, even up!), but I only have been logging it in My Fitness Pal when the number goes down and each new number that’s lower is the one I go with because that is my goal – to go down. Water weight and bloat doesn’t concern me, I know this happens and I don’t get upset when I see that it’s higher than the day before
  • I haven’t once felt deprived of anything because I haven’t really been taking much away from myself except limiting alcohol. That was one pesky bugger that I didn’t want to make a daily habit any more.
  • On drinking – at times I would feel like I missed it in the evenings when Steve and I would relax from a hard day of work – and especially when it’s an emotionally hard day, I’d feel like my impulse would be to have a couple of drinks. I’m still fighting those habits, and just want to work on my stress and ways of coping so that I don’t feel the need for a drink
  • My pants that I was busting out of before are now fitting again. I have a ways to go in my goal, I will get there slowly and surely
  • I didn’t exercise. I walked a few times on the treadmill in the 30 days, a couple walks outside, but mostly my steps tracked through my Fitbit were from the walking around I do all day working or all the errands I run. I love walking, I don’t like sweating.
  • I realise that I’d get to my goal quicker if I did workouts that made me sweat/strength training but they’re not obtainable for me if I truly don’t like doing it. I’d rather focus on healthy meals than exercising
  • I will keep going on this health journey and tracking my calories in vs calories out because it doesn’t even feel like a diet, it’s a good motivator to be eating much healthier meals that nourish my body rather than empty calories
  • I’m always very hyper crytical of how I share that I eat vegan and gluten free. The gluten free thing isn’t anything, but the vegan – I feel like I want to watch my wording for fear of offending someone who will think I’m judging them for eating animal products, which is definitely not what I want to do. My own dang husband eats meat, lol.
  • I’ve sincerely enjoyed this part the most about my 30 Day Journey, I’m going to start a new separate section in my blog under Health/Fitness so if you’re interested in that too, you can join me in those!


  • Along with physical health, mental health may be even more important to me
  • When I’m “off” and not functioning well, everything else doesn’t function well. I’m less motivated to achieve any goals or be of any good use to society if I’m in a stressed out, burnt out state of mind
  • Sleep has always been a priority for me. I go to bed between 9 PM – 10 PM each and every night, even on weekends and wake up anywhere between 5 AM – 7 AM, depending on the day. Staying up super late past midnight kills me because my natural clock wakes me up the next day at the same time no matter what time I went to bed at.
  • Getting my sleep is so important to me. When I’m woken up in an unnatural way and not on my terms, I’m TICKED and I’m not the same happy go lucky person. Can you imagine me with a baby? I can’t.
  • Meditation/envisoning my day and future in a calm, serene setting early in the morning before I start my day is a good way to set the pace of how I’d like my day to pan out, as much as that’s possible but I know it doesn’t go that way most times. It does keep me more calm for the day though.
  • During a 30 day span, my moods ranged quite a bit. A couple of days I’d feel negative, worried, stressed, anxious, then the next day, I’d be happy go lucky. I’m especially irritable during PMS time, I’ve always been aware of that one though
  • I’d say 80% of the time in the month I’m happy go lucky, the other I’m not in a good mood or having a bad day, and I feel like that’s OKAY and normal.
  • I’ve learned a big trigger to me that can set my good day into a bad one – people’s negativity or rude comments that bring me down that can totally change my day. I know I give it too much power, I’m working on it, it just baffles me and blindsides me, which I do not like
  • Doing things I love like getting my lashes and nails done has been so rewarding and relaxing! And taking more bubble baths!

THE MENTAL HEALTH EXERCISE that has been life changing that I created for myself during this 30 day challenge which I’ve used a couple times since and has worked every time, can be found in this blog post here. Use it when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, angry, worried, etc. Trust me, it helps!


  • When I work from my “business side” of my brain, I’m more frazzled and angry – it’s not the place that brings me passion and happiness. When I create with my “creative side” of my brain, I come from a place of happiness and passion and you can tell the light is shining through what I’m creating. I’m going to be listening more to my creative and intuitive side going forward and give the business side a little bit of a break. I was BALLS TO THE WALL going too hard before, that I didn’t even recognize myself anymore
  • If someone wants something, they WILL have it. Like people, don’t chase people who don’t chase you back. Business deals and services are a mutual partnership where each side commits and respects one another. It’s a partnership of excitement, happiness and trust.
  • Do not invest crazy amounts of time upfront explaining things to someone who is seemingly wasting your time – tire kickers. Get better at fielding these off and more aware of the red flags that come along. Use your intuition.
  • Business comes and business goes. At the start of this journey I was riding high on a wave of bustling business. As I write this, I’m in a really slow time in business, and I have to keep my confidence high and my WHY I do what I do more important than anything else. This is temporary.
  • Social media is a time suck – the best way to get any work done is to eliminate distractions and dinging from your phone. Shut off all your notifications for your super laser focused work, and when you’re happy with what you’ve accomplished, feel free to turn it back on and go browse Instagram if you feel like it. Better yet – go do anything except wasting your time with social media. I know, I know, It’s hard. I’m addicted too!
  • Someone pulling at you sending you a message asking for advice/painting tips/help is NOT your responsibility unless they have already spent money with you (for example custom work, purchased furniture in the past, purchased one of my online courses or BB Frosch powder that they need assistance with). When you have the time you can get back to them, and even if you don’t get back to them, that’s okay. How are we supposed to realistically message so many people back tugging at us for free advice, and stay afloat in our own business and life too. Serve your paying customers first. I don’t mean to sound crass, it’s just knowing your priorities and keeping your mental health safe and not burnt out.
  • You first – then the rest. Take care of YOU and do all the things you wanted to achieve for your day before you start helping others and answering questions. This has been twisted for me so long and I’d be sitting on my garage stairs for hours messaging people back and not getting any actually work done – for what?! To help THEM. Not me and my business. Bad on me.
  • If you’re feeling like you’re uninterested in working that day, sit down on the couch and watch TV or whatever you do to relax. Feeling that way the next couple days too? That’s okay. Sit down and relax. Take time to de-stress and feel that passion for what you do again. It should come back in a week. If it doesn’t, it may not be what you actually love to do. I love what I do, by the way!
  • Stop watching the competition. Stop watching anyone and comparing to them. What they’re doing doesn’t matter. What they’re selling and how much and how quick doesn’t matter. Focus on your own work and shine bright, you’re YOU and no one else has that super power. Don’t lose sight of your goals, no matter how long it’s taking.
  • If watching someone on social media makes you feel bad, don’t. It’s soul sucking. Watch people who inspire you, make you smile, make you happy, make you laugh, or whatever other reason


  • Say more NO’s and protect your YES’s.
  • Not feeling like going to an event or seeing someone who doesn’t give you good vibes? Politely say no.
  • Say YES to the people who make you feel so happy and excited to see them. Ones you truly connect with where you can have deep conversations about anything and everything. You know who you are
  • I barely had any plans this 30 days to recover from my burnout and it was GLORIOUS. There’s something so satisfying about putting yourself first than seeing the overwhelm of a full calendar of plans and obligations
  • I’d rather have a couple AH-MAZING friends any day than a pack of 50 acquaintances I don’t actually like to make me look cool and important. I’ve always been this way
  • Steve is my #1 best friend who makes me feel like I’m home anywhere I am
  • He supports my business and dreams and I can’t even believe when I hear that some people’s husbands/spouses etc HATE what they do and they want nothing to do with it. It makes me sad. I feel so lucky that’s not me, but to be honest, we wouldn’t be married if that was the case. I dated someone who would say those types of things to me and that didn’t last long, HELLO Steve! No one should be treated that way.
  • Steve read every blog post I wrote. It was kind of embarrassing to be honest because sometimes I feel like he would tease me for something I said, but he didn’t. I think he’s enjoyed reading them. Except for the ones with pictures in there without my consent – you know the really goofy ones? I knew he was reading them when he said WHAT!!! Dani!!! Hahahaha
  • Blogging has taken away some of our time together especially when I’d be doing it in the evenings and weekends when that was our time, but he was patient. And I committed to this and was going to see it through
  • Our dogs especially Sophie were giving us a bit of grief early in this journey and before that. Waking us up in the night every single night. Sophie is at bay now on pain meds and CBD oil, were not sure which is working. But she is more calm and sleeping better which makes us happy!
  • I actually just don’t even have all that much to say in the personal department because all is so well – I really have nothing to complain about. Life is good, dogs are now good, both sides of our families are great. My friendships and relationships are great.

I know I probably missed something but if you notice anything, please let me know!!!

As always, I’d love to know any of your thoughts in the comments section! If I’ve missed any along the way, I’m going to go back and make sure to respond to you because someone taking the time to read my heart is someone to be responded and acknowledged!

Thanks for joining me in this 30 Day Journey!