Hey guys!

OMG, I’m starting writing my daily blog post and it’s 7:53 PM. I just got home from grocery shopping at health food stores all around Warman and Saskatoon for 4 hours. I spent close to $500 bucks. I feel SO GUILTY, I just could not stop finding amazing cool things to try, it just kept racking up. Does anyone ever go on a grocery binge every now and then and think OH CRAP! That was so mindless. Ok, I’m over it now and just thankful for money to buy groceries and so many gluten free vegan options for me. I’mma go enjoy those now after my little guilty pity party. Haha.

It’s too late in the day to even remember what I did yesterday, so I’ll combine the gist of both days in one, if anyone even cares.

I’ve been in such a great mood the last couple days, an upturn on the 1.5 days I felt in a foul, negative mood I was feeling earlier in the week. If you haven’t caught up on reading my latest posts, I’m telling you, writing out your problems or worries either typed out or actually written, reading what pops up as you’re typing/writing, but REALLY reading it, makes it real. It makes it a bit silly. It makes your problems seem like they’re not really problems. Or maybe they are, but just letting them out from inside your mind feels really nice. This is going to be my new go-to strategy for when something is stressing or worrying me because my mind can challenge me at times.

OKAY but today I was actually on cloud nine. Nothing that was so out of the ordinary amaze-balls happened, but to me, a small thing really made me feel passionate and PUMPED up today. So I guess in that sense it was amaze-balls for another unexpected reason.

A couple weeks ago I really wanted to go to a paint event hosted by talented Justine Marie Studios, but it didn’t end up working out. I had messaged her a few weeks before that night just admiring her work and saying how much I love it. I don’t send messages to businesses like that all that often, but if you wow me, I’m going to message you and give you mad love. People that knock your socks off should be given encouragement. Well, she was one. She got back to me a couple weeks later and I kinda forgot I sent that message, even though I had been creeping on her dreamy paint projects. She checked my work out too and she gave me some compliments back, and said our items are so complimentary to each other. She thought it would be cool to collaborate, so she left me some of her prints to stage with at Jump.ca in midtown mall (it’s a cellphone store), where her amazing phone cases are sold as well. When I had picked them up, and saw all of her talents including gorgeous phone cases I wanted to take home right meow, I seriously teared up. I couldn’t believe a young gal like me (I’m not even sure how old she is exactly, TBD) has branched out so much and is doing so amazing and living her dream. You have to check her work out, y’all!

Okay, so we’ve been talking a whole bunch and she had mentioned she saw a collaboration in the near future coming. When she said that, I thought oh yes. I can see this too. A DVD meets JMS COLLABORATION! A signature mix of our passions thrown together on a functional furniture statement item. We spoke about it today and IT’S HAPPENING. My soul feels like it’s lit on fire. I’m so freaking excited you guys!

We both want to live in California some day chasing our dreams. We have that in common – as well as the love of light, bright, airy, pastel and metallics. I do believe we were meant to cross paths and who knows what this will bring to our lives. So we’re going to make 1-2 California inspired pieces working together. STAY TUNED!!!

In other news, I’ve been wanting to paint this gramophone cabinet for a few weeks now. I had planned on painting it an antique white shade.

Just talking with Justine today, I just felt so passionate about the work I do. I’ve been playing it a little bit safe lately with all the things I put up for sale which is great, but I decided this gramophone cabinet which is a super special delicate piece is going to get a wacky makeover inspired by gorgeous colorful pastels inspired by Californian sunsets.

The color I got is Behr Citrus Punch. I mean come on, how can that color not make you freaking stoked?

I don’t care if everyone hates it. I don’t care if it’s not received well. I don’t care if when I reveal this and if it gets 1 like on Instagram. I don’t care that it’s not summer, spring, or that we’re in a cold climate. I don’t care that right now people are getting festive and using reds and greens and I’m going to be using a peachy orange when there’s snow on the ground. I. Don’t. CARE. It’s in my heart and soul right now to create something so different and odd that I just can’t even stand it.

Can you tell how much excited happy energetic passionate energy I have today? I haven’t done this in so long but I’m going to be spending my Friday night starting to paint my gramophone cabinet in the living room with the dogs and Steve watching Shameless at 9 PM, even though I’m usually in bed by around 9. Not out of obligation. But because I’m craving this so much. I need to, if you’re a creator you just need to create.

Okay, every minute I’m typing this I’m losing my mind not painting this delicious shade. STAY TUNED for the reveal, it’s going to be cray cray.