It’s beast mode time for these dining chairs for my customer! They’re going to take most of my focus and attention for a few days but they are the biggest part of the job. Tiny little rounded spindles everywhere are challenging.

So far, and I’m not done by any means, between my assistant and I, we’re at 30 hours on these 4 dining chairs and that’s after me spraying the chair spindles black after them being sanded and protected for spraying. Still need to do small touch ups of black where the tape was up too much then spray them with several coats of poly.

The dining table part won’t be as bad because it’s flat areas, way easier to work with which means less hours. I’m never afraid of dining tables, it’s the chairs that are the most time consuming and take 2/3 – 3/4 of the quote on a dining set.

Can you tell I’m in dining set beast mode? Dining set. Dining set. Dining set. Haha!

Anywho – that’s what I did yesterday – beast mode on the dining chairs and I was laser focused on those. Did all the taping and protecting of the spindles while watching Desperate Housewives in the house which made the mundane task more enjoyable. Sprayed my first coat of black, ran out, went to Home Depot to get more to mix with my BB Frosch Paint Transformer powder, and sprayed another coat.

Steve got home from work and for the 3rd night in a row got to work on my customer Lyla’s new credenza/TV stand. He. Is. DONE! Woohoo!! It looks sooo awesome, probably the biggest redesign we’ve ever done!

I promise this will be the last photo of it you see in black and white until the final reveal!I have lots of touch ups to do on it though so that’ll now take priority before anything to do with the chairs. It’s time to be super duper laser focused on these tasks ahead of me so I can reunite both of my customers with their made-over items! Exciting times! I love my job!

Almost the long weekend here in Canada! And it just so happens to be my 32nd birthday in a couple of days! Lots going on this weekend!