Hey guys!

Before I get into the details of the day, just wanted to say I found a delicious tofu scramble recipe that I won’t be straying from. Sooo so good!

Sooo yesterday didn’t go as planned at all! Two nights ago we went over to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving and yesterday we were supposed to go to Steve’s family gathering.


In the morning, I went out for Steve to get some salad ingredients that he was going to make for the gathering since he was feeling a little under the weather. I figured it would go away while I went out shopping. I stopped in at Winners and got a new outfit after purging 90% of my closet this summer, I’m slowly getting new stuff. See all those hangers in the background? That’s how much I got rid of! 

Love the jeans, but the sweater is really itchy so I think I’ll bring It back. I’m trying to be more thoughtful about the future and buying more timeless items that I know I won’t get sick of.

I must say maybe I was under the weather too because kids screaming at Winners yesterday was like nails on a chalkboard – my head was pounding, was achy and slightly groggy. Perhaps the “lazy slump” I’ve been in lately was actually just me fighting something.

More on kids at stores. I’m so NOT that person who glares at parents when their kids are throwing tantrums. I feel really bad for you guys! It was the wrong time and head just wanted to explode! I’ve been out shopping with my sister and her kiddos before and she said she often gets looks and annoyed glances from people when she brings her kids out. Come on people!

A-D-D Dani jumping in here – look I also got these adorbs gift wrap rolls for lining drawers while I was at Winners too! Did you know I use gift wrap for drawer lining? It’s part of my newest “Fixing Flaws Course” released in the summer and in it I show exactly how to line drawers and what to use. 

Anywho, even though I was out for a few hours, when I returned Steve still wasn’t better so we decided to not go to the gathering. I’m sad because we were supposed to bring a salad for everyone and also drop off my in-laws’ new coffee station, but we’ll go for a visit this week instead. Look how gross this one was before eeew BYE!!! It was so dirty and stinky, chipped and all!!! Ick! But scroll to see the AFTER because friends, that’s what we do here!



Missing out on the gathering sucked, but snuggling up on the couch and taking a bubble bath felt pretty delightful too! Frank and Sophie like the attention, they’re cuddle monsters.

We’ve been starting the show Shameless and it’s really good. We’re late to the party but isn’t that the best time to join – when you can get hooked on a show that’s been on TV for so long that you can binge watch and know you have so much more coming at you?! I’m also binge watching Desperate Housewives, umm where was I and why wasn’t I watching this when I was younger? If a show has less than one season I usually don’t even start it. I don’t like to get hooked on something and have it taken away from me.


This upcoming week will be busy but good busy. 4 painted items and 1 unpainted as is one are leaving the DVD house and we’ll start working on a couple more custom jobs for my customers who have booked in to get their items painted. Didn’t know we do that?! Oh heck yes we do! If you’re in Saskatchewan you can find custom info HERE. Also going to be working on a sweet little gramophone cabinet which I’ll put up for sale once I’m done. She’s a stain bleeding mess but it’ll be cute when it’s all fixed up!

I’ll also be getting the latest E-Course totally ready for BB Frosch’s final review. Kristin, the owner of BB Frosch Paint Transformer and BB Frosch University where my courses are hosted, is really intense and takes it really seriously. It takes a long time getting these courses up because we all think about what would best serve our students and what potential things we may have missed, so we go back and make sure it’s alllll covered. We just want to give the most expertise and bang for your buck in learning everything painted furniture! The new course is almost ready for the world to take better pictures and for YOU who are creatives to make more monies!!!

The stressed out, burnt out beast mode Dani who I’d like to leave behind would usually pile my days and weeks up more than this, but I’m learning to slow it down, enjoy the process and try the best I can each and every day and really focus on the amazing current customers I am serving at the moment. That’s all I can do, and let the universe just take the lead as to where it wants me to go!

I’m really enjoying writing these blog posts. It’s relaxing, therapeutic and makes me feel intentional about my days.

PS – I never knew even a week ago I was going to be doing this 30 Day Challenge. I love new ideas and motivations that come about! I hope you’ll enjoy reading them!