Just Paint It! By Dani

Airy & Breezy Style

To say I love it would be an understatement. It has restored my faith in how wonderful those old solid wood pieces of furniture really are. I have seen other painted pieces of furniture but they just look painted to me. Dani has such a flair it actually puts life back into the pieces.


Prince Albert SK

“I recently purchased not one but two incredible buffets from Dani. Living near Calgary I didn’t think it was possible but she made it happen! I’ll admit I was nervous buying furniture I couldn’t view in person. Dani instantly put me at ease. My first impression was that she was very professional and prompt in answering any & all of my questions. Buying furniture is a large purchase & I never felt pressured to buy anything.  She was absolutely lovely to deal with & I liked her immediately! 


Strathmore, AB

Dani’s attention to detail and style really sets her apart. You can tell it’s a “Dani piece” from the styling, piece selected and if the piece is distressed, she does it beautifully!


Saskatoon, SK

“I first came across Dani’s beautiful work on her Facebook page a couple years ago. I was in awe of everything she worked on.
I only dreamed of owning a piece from her collection. I purchased a nightstand from Dani which she delivered to me.
We immediately hit it off! She is such an amazing beauty! I now have 4 amazing pieces all over my home and are so in love with all of them.
I am now hooked! Her restoration of furniture is absolutely impeccable!!!! I would by all means recommend Just Paint It! By Dani.”