Hey guys! My name is Dani. I realize I don’t share too much about how I got HERE – HERE being the place where you found me to be reading this. My painting journey you remember me for, a photo, video, or something I said that intrigued you to find out more about what I do.

Here’s a little bit about my story and journey when it comes to painting and home projects and how it makes the soul feel, and I hope it can be an inspiration to you:

I’ve been painting furniture since 2015 (and presently) as my fulltime business which I absolutely adore!

It was only in 2020 when I realized that paint can transform so much – so much more than furniture! While everyone was in a panic with the pandemic, I was SO EXCITED to have all of this newfound “free time” to finally get to the things I was meaning to do. This extra free time catapulted me to do this faster than I had originally planned but that’s ok. I always thought I’d get it done in 2-3 years, one room at a time while managing my business. But I did it all within one year, and thankfully that was the case because I learned a lot about many different paint scenarios and it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to paint. And I also learned that there are things that I will never ever do again and would hire out – painting 15’ walls, or any high walls for that matter. It looks bad haha! That’s probably the only thing that I feel I did a poor job on, but the rest is top notch and achievable by you – yes, you! Anyone can paint if they’re given the proper information and direction.

One space and one project at a time lead me to painting and transforming our builder-grade home to be the home of our dreams. Of course there are some things that paint can’t fix, but paint helped to transform about 60% of it – décor and painted furniture/elements helped the rest. And some are things we’ll live with until we have more expendable cash to make it jusssst right. But for now, we are sooo content. Paint. Did. This!!!

I’m telling you though, the way our home makes us feel now is night and day. The energy is different, it’s light, bright, happy! Of course the paint colors and tones help with this feeling, but it doesn’t matter which color you choose. What white, pink and gold does for me may be the way black or rich colors make you feel. It’s all about the energy and the feelings it makes you feel. No one can tell you you’re wrong about what you like. What’s in style is irrelevant and I believe you should never go with what’s trendy just to follow a trend or to be cool. You do you, pick you own style and what you love and what makes you feel good. For me, I channeled the feelings of the beach. Light, bright, coastal style everywhere in the home. It makes me feel relaxed and happy.

It’s really cool, the ripple effect of change in your home will change YOU. I changed what I visually saw every day that was bogging me down, and by changing that, it changed my life. It changed me. I am the best version of myself now because of a variety of things but painting and changing my surroundings helped so much in that journey. I hope that it can inspire you to do the same.

Something absolutely magical that happened from this whole process, an unexpected miracle…guess what paint and décor did for our home? It updated the entire space and drove our market value up enough and in time for a home inspection, which lead to us getting a new mortgage, which lead to us being able to use some of our equity and eliminating all of our debt we’d been carrying for so long that also weighed us down. We never thought that this would come from it but I believe it’s from the happy excited energy that came about from doing all of this. We’re now debt free because of my positive excited energy and willingness to elevate the space and how it looked. Win win winnnnnn all around!

I’ve introduced a new product/service and I’m excited to share “The Paint Whisperer”, a 1:1 paint project mentoring service. I’m excited to help motivated people who feel drawn to me to help them with more than just learning the basics of how to paint furniture. You’ll learn how to paint furniture + more! Each project is so different and sometimes requires a little more one on one time to get you to your goals.

Up until January 31, 2022 I’m offering this $147 service for $97. What you’ll receive is mentoring for your specific project as one of my relevant e-courses that will teach you the skills you need to learn how to paint your project properly. This price includes one project you have in mind – if you have multiple projects or rooms, we can figure out a custom price that suits your needs.

Message me anywhere to see if this new service is right for you!