Flip or Flop – Furniture Edition

  • The “Justine Green” Dresser Makeover

    Hey guys! Dani here coming at you with another episode of Flip or Flop – Furniture Edition! I had this dresser in my storage unit for a good 6 or so months, along with about 15 other dressers waiting to be transformed – ay carumba! I was so busy with custom work and painting others’ […]

  • Beachy Night Stand Makeover

    I typically like to do really large scale items because honestly, it takes me just as long to do a 9 drawer dresser as it does a teencie little night stand like this. Just because something is small doesn’t mean it’s faster or easier. In my world, anyways. Not sure why that is, maybe it’s […]

  • The Pastel Switch-Up

    Hey guys! I have so much inventory to be painted, I pay a monthly rent for storage with Kirsten of Peach Poppy Designs. We have two lockers right now – we have one where we store our painted items at Two Girls and a Locker, and another locker full of brown, outdated treasures. It’s bursting […]

  • The Off White Dresser that Wouldn’t Sell

    I’ve been in business since 2015 part time, then officially full time as of August 2015. Each year is different with pieces. Some months, I can barely list an item before it’s snatched up. Other months there are lulls. And it depends on the year whether you experience these or not. Some years are flops […]