My name is Danielle Wrishko, better known as Dani, owner of Just Paint It! by Dani. I started this business in 2015 part time while I was working in an office full time. I couldn’t wait to come home every day and create. After about 6 months of painting furniture part time, I couldn’t stand being stuck in an office and it was clear that I needed to pursue this further and give it a full go. I decided to take that leap and do this as my full time business and have never looked back! The fact that other people can really enjoy the creations I make in their home and hide their clutter/items in pretty functional storage is why I do what I do. I also really love the idea of repurposing unwanted items and making them fresh and desirable again, it’s my contribution to the world and making it better, one painted furniture item at a time. I love what I do so much for myself, the process of painting and transforming ugly beat up items into gorgeous statement pieces – it’s fun, it’s addictive, and I do this in many areas of my life as well – including my home. I like to make things better.



When I’m not painting or creating, I’m spending time with my husband Steve and our english bulldog, Frank; tearing up some sort of room in our house to revamp/make better (there’s always a project and something to do, am I right?!), diving into learning about the spiritual world – I’ve come to learn I’m more of a new-age type of hipster I guess, being a free spirit and really letting myself be one, cooking up gluten free plant based meals, or planning/looking forward to our next vacation – preferably by the beach.

As of September 2023, I have various painted furniture pieces for sale, however; my life/work space is a bit chaotic (in a good way). While our garage/my showroom/work space is under renovation, this effects my business quite a bit and the way I usually do things. I currently have some pieces in my home, and some pieces in a secure contained storage container away from the messiness of the renovation, so viewings & showings are going to be a bit trickier and not as quick as normal. Just remember I can always take extra photos and videos too in the meantime. Please message me to see my availability or if you’re interested in purchasing an item. Best way to contact me is through email Items that are purchased online will be taken out and wrapped before your arrival or delivery. For the time being, custom work is closed so I can focus solely on finishing up my work space. I am setting up a wait list for when I resume. Thanks in advance for your patience while I make over our garage/my showroom/work space so it can be as pretty as the items I create! I’m estimating the garage renovation will be done in October 2023. 

I’m located in Martensville, Saskatchewan (10 mins north of Saskatoon).  

Do you have any other questions for me? Feel free to email me at or message me on Instagram/Facebook @justpaintitbydani