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As seen in...

As seen in...


I’ve been obsessed with before and afters since I was a child. Remember that TV show Trading Spaces on TLC? It was my favorite. Painting and redesigning furniture is my creative outlet and I’m honored to be able to create great pieces of functional art which provide storage for you. Here you will find out which furniture is currently available for purchase, learn how to paint for yourself with my online courses, you’ll be able to check out my portfolio and client testimonials, as well as read my blog posts.


I believe everyone can paint.

But sometimes a little help and guidance is what you need! Check out all my courses that teach you to become a furniture painter!

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Just Paint It!

I feel like paint is and will always be my super power! Whether it’s on worn down furniture, projects within the home, decor, these items you look at can make you feel worn down energetically just by looking at them. When you find the courage to Just Paint It, it can be so transformative and lift your spirits with excitement and pure joy! 
Simply by changing the color and look, it may transform your whole world as you see it!
Just Paint It! By Dani. Furniture & Home Space Painter