Hey guys! Dani here!

I’m challenging myself to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge – one I’m self-embarking on where I’ll be writing a blog post every single day for 30 days!

I’m so inspired by Blogilates 90 Day weight loss and fitness journey and making herself write a blog post for 90 days about her journey that I want to do one similar. I’m devouring every single blog post she’s creating like a fangirl. Today I’m getting caught up on Blog 23 of 90 of hers. If you don’t follow her, she’s so much fun. I wish we could be friends IRL ?. The only workouts I do are of hers on YouTube – while making me sweat buckets she still does it with a smile. She’s a wizard for making you feel kinda like you’re enjoying working out with her positivity. Or walking. I’m pretty lazy like that! Haha!

Ok enough about Cassey and Blogilates and more about MY plan. Every single day I will blog about little things that happened that day when it comes to furniture, business, personal life, plant based gluten free eats, exercise (ha!), all while trying to de-stress and recover from being seriously burnt out this summer. It’s time to do ME! I’ve been pushing myself and my wants/needs aside for a little while and it’s time I return – or better yet – the best version of myself!

If you think I’m self absorbed to do a 30 day blog challenge talking about me me me, well, kinda true but not intended that way. This will be like my journal and I’ll give you little glimpses about my days and the highlights and lowlights – is that a thing or is that just for hair?

Official Day 1 starts tomorrow (Monday) – I’ll post the very first one first thing in the morning! Who’s with me?